The company, in R & D, has cooperated with other entities such as the University of Aveiro, the University of Tras-os-Montes (UTAD) participating in a work of research associated with the effluents of the WWTP, and the Agrarian School of Viseu (ESAV) aimed at commercial exploitation of sub-products of processing apples, and other entities.

Moreover, with the Acembex theINDUMAPE participated in several trials will real scale development of synergies with other industries, aiming drying and consequent recovery of by-products of apple and pear. To point out that as a result of this development, INDUMAPE was approved in 2011 as a producer of apt-products for animal feed by the General Directorate of Veterinary.


22978 - Valsuf@Indumape (Vale I&DT;)

Download 22978 - Valsuf@Indumape (Vale I&DT;) (PDF) foto_fruta

21651 - Capacitar a Internacionalização (Internacionalização PME)

Download 21651 - Capacitar a Internacionalização (Internacionalização PME) (PDF) foto_fruta

33558 - BagaconValor (I&DT; em Co-Promoção)

Download 33558 - BagaconValor (I&DT; em Co-Promoção) (PDF) foto_fruta

2187 - Criação de Entreposto (PDR2020)

Download 2187 - Criação de Entreposto (PDR2020) (PDF) foto_fruta

31846 - Waste2Value (Grupo Operacional PDR2020)

Download 31846 - Waste2Value (Grupo Operacional PDR2020) (PDF) foto_fruta

34435 - Baga + ETAR (PDR2020)

Download 34435 - Baga + ETAR (PDR2020) (PDF) foto_fruta

71221 - Reforçar a competitividade (Internacionalização das PME)

Download 71221 - Reforçar a competitividade (Internacionalização das PME) (PDF) foto_fruta

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