INDUMAPE, S.A., is today's largest Portuguese fruit transformer with national fruit collection, exporting about 80% of its production. The concentrate comes from the processing of fruit that does not have the visual appeal to be consumed in the fresh market, thus contributing to increase the yield of fruit growers and mitigate the deficit in our balance of trade.

The Company is located in the Industrial Parque Industrial Manuel da Mota,a land with an area of ​​18,209 m² in Pombal. The location of the factory has been carefully selected, taking into account the supply and geographic location of the fruit.

With technologically well-equipped facilities with cutting-edge equipment that ensures a top quality product, Indumape specializes in the production of apple, rocha pear, and more recently a new product: elderberry. Additionally the company produces apple and pear aromas, fully natural.

Among the different buildings are:

  • Areas for the reception, management and logistics of fruit, laboratories, administrative offices, canteen, cloakroom and toilet facilities;
  • Production lines that comprises the majority of industrial equipment; cold chamber for the storage of finished product; filling and shipping facilities; concentrator;
  • The transformer substation that supplies power to the factory;
  • Support building boiler house; mechanical and electrical workshop and a warehouse for tools and other materials;
  • Weighbridge for weighing trucks with semi-trailers;
  • Silos fruit; house washing and grinding unit;
  • Deposits in stainless with the capacity of 1 million liters.
The company has also a center of fruit collection in Armamar (north of Portugal) to collect locally grown fruit and an orchard in Tramagal (Center of Portugal) to produce organic apples.

INDUMAPE, S.A., a company dedicated to the production of concentrated fruit, was founded in 1997 by three Promoters: Raul Feio, João Moura and Carlos Pinheiro, and transformed into SA in 2004, with the entry of 2 Venture Capital 2005 and 2007. the company had its start activity in 2007.

The formation of the Company when the promoters of the project had as main objective to come to lead the fruit processing in Portugal in the first year of activity. To achieve this goal significant investments were made ​​in the amount of land, construction of factory and cutting-edge equipment that ensures a top quality product and has high capacity.

INDUMAPE mission is to remain as National Leader and come to have an important position in the international market, producing with Quality, Excellence and Innovation, respecting the highest standards of food safety, to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and other stakeholders : Shareholders, Employees, Suppliers and Community.

The activity of INDUMAPE contributes to the development of fruit in Portugal strategic area according to the new governmental guidelines, particularly with respect to the row apple and rocha pear.

INDUMAPE is dedicated to the production of concentrated apple, pear and elderberry juice, serving national and international industry.

The main products are:

  • Apple juice concentrate
  • Pear Juice Concentrate
  • Elderberry Juice Concentrate (new product)
  • Apple, Pear and Elderberry Essences

The production process is optimized for the production of apple and pear concentrate and it has five stages: milling, pressing and recovery aroma, clarification and ultrafiltration. The concentrate is obtained from fresh, ripe but not rotten fruit, which is previously washed and screened before being processed. Apples and pears are ground and crushed to extract their juice, proceeding after with the clarification of the juice, in which the pectin is de-activated in order to avoid that the final product becomes cloudy. Then the juice is filtered so that it is clear and bright and the highest product quality is maintained. The concentrate is immediately cooled and finally stored in refrigerated tanks.

The company is mainly export oriented (about 80% of its sales), selling ​​to either reference customers in the domestic market or the international market for countries like Germany, Spain, UK, Morocco, Netherlands, France, Isreael, Belgium, Austria, Algerie, Canada, Italy, Poland and Russia.

The raw material used by Indumape is portuguese, sourced locally and from suppliers from all kind of greatness, given that they respect the standards of quality that Indumape requires. 
The company tries to guarantee the highest quality standards in the fruit that is delivered in Indumape, checking each unloading and doing tests on fruit samples, in order to guarantee that the fruit complies with all national and international legal requirements.
Indumape takes pride on its good collaboration with some entities integrated on the teaching and research system in Portugal, through internships for young students and through collboration in different Research and Development projects in the agro-industrial area. This collaboration allows not only the improvement of processes and new product development, but it also contributes to the national development of innovative solutions for the area.
From the entities Indumape works with, we point out:
  • University of Aveiro
  • Polytechinical Institute of Viseu
  • University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
  • Technical, Artistical and Professional School of Pombal
  • Pombal Higschool
  • IP Leiria
  • ISEC
  • École Sup. Agriculture - Nantes
  • ESAP
  • ESAC

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